About Us

We develop reliable, innovative Downhole Drilling and Workover Tools for the oil and gas industry. Our projects include multi-year R&D programs, design and sustaining engineering, licensing and patenting, manufacturing, testing, product verification, tool sales, and repair and maintenance. We give our customers a unique edge second to none while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Who Are We?

  • Our customers include service, drilling, completion, well abandonment, fishing and rental tool companies. We have developed groundbreaking tools for major oilfield companies and support industry advancement through R&D. These relationships allow us to anticipate upcoming trends in the industry and keep our customers ahead of the curve.
  • We seek long-term partnerships with our customers vs. one-off jobs. Often this means cost-sharing and/or licensing parnterships, a committment to transparency and ethical work, and remaining flexible as customer goals and market conditions change. We’re also serious about customer privacy. We won’t publish your name or share project information.
  • A third of our team is from abroad, half our company is fluent in Spanish and several staff speak German, Mandarin, Portuguese, French and Hindi. We range from senior staff with 30+ years’ experience at Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, etc. to new graduates fresh from university. This diverse background creates a dynamic work environment that leads to more innovative, creative and unique solutions.

Why Work With Us?

  • For over a decade our downhole drilling and workover tools have proved themselves in the field. They are a product of the professional, honest and transparent approach we take to doing business. With 75+ patents held by our principal, Gunther (Doc) von Gynz-Rekowski, and our engineering group, you can be assured we produce real results.
  • Groundbreaking. Original. Creative. We have a passion for the oil business and enjoy a challenge. We hire people who think differently and ask questions. As a result, we constantly search for new, unique ways of operating faster, safer and more reliably. Even with 75+ patents held, we won’t be stopping any time soon.
  • Our customers don’t have time to wait. We reply quickly with small teams, zero bureaucracy, 24-hour availability and a willingness to be flexible. We can work with our customers’ internal engineering groups or independantly, as desired.