Our Downhole Drilling POWR mud motors and components have achieved above average life spans with minimal wear, leading to longer drill times with shorter down times. They’ve been proven around the world by leading service, rental and drilling companies. Sizes start at 3-3/4″, can be customized to suit your needs, and include 24-hour troubleshooting support.


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  • Our POWR mud motors provide superior operating limits and peak loading rates. Their performance and durability have been tested around the world while consistently proving to be the longest lasting motors on the market. These motors are recommended for use in performance, directional and horizontal drilling. Contact us to discuss how our tools can drive your profits.

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    Advantages and Unique Features:

    – Mud lubricated bearings offer the lowest operating cost per hour
    – Unique bearing design allows operators to increase desired operating parameters
    – Robust design supports the next generation of high torque power sections
    – All drilling motors feature rotor and bit box catches to increase operational safety
    – Customize with fixed or adjustable bent housings to meet all directional demands

    • Download Spec Sheets

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  • We can support your inventory of Ashmin motors with new or alternate components, as desired. Or let us design and manufacture custom components to integrate with your fleet.


    • Bearing Section

      Our Bearing Sections are mud lubricated with a mandrel catch, available slick or stabilized.

      Options include:

      – Performance
      – Short Bit to Bend
      – Ultra Short Bit to Bend

    • Transmission Section

      The following options are available:


      – 3 or 4 piece Adjustable Bent Housings (ABH)
      – Bent or Straight Fixed Housings

      Drive Line:

      – Flex Shafts (including a Titanium option)
      – High Strength CV Ball Joints
      – Claw Shafts

    • Power Section

      Any power section can be provided. We can either recommend one or adopt your specified power section.

    • Top Sub Section

      Advantages and Features:

      – Rotor Catch Plane in Top Sub
      – Bored for Float Valve
      – Hard Band

    • Stabilizers

      Standard Ashmin stabilizers can be provided, or we can develop custom solutions to suit your application.