Even in the harshest environments and temperatures our systems have achieved above average life spans with minimal wear, leading to longer drill times with shorter down times. Sizes range from 1-11/16″ to 3-3/4″, can be customized, and include 24-hour troubleshooting support.


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  • The simplicity and durability of our Downhole Workover POWR mud motors has resulted in their use by major service companies around the world while consistently proving to be the longest lasting motors on the market. To illustrate just how simple these motors are, the lower end can be assembled and disassembled in the back of a pickup truck with a pipe wrench and vice in under 3 minutes (see video below).


    Advantages and Unique Features:

    – Mud lubricated bearing section with a CV or flexshaft transmission
    – Customizable to any power section (high torque, high flow and high speed)
    – Compatible with single and dual phase fluids as well as air drilling
    – Temperature limited only by power section elastomers
    – Simple to train personnel for assembly and maintenance (see video below)
    – Longest lived and lowest operating cost motors on the market

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      350 POWRC 350EJ5630

  • Standard tools can be provided as-is or customized to work with your fleet. Each tools’ design has been tested to confirm and document performance under simulated operational conditions.

    • CT connectors

      connector1Our high-strength, external slip type connector uses a grapple to securely grip the coiled tubing. An integral stop in the connector prevents the slip from crushing the pipe during severe operations.

      Advantages and Unique Features:

      – Available for all sizes of coil
      – Dual O-Ring seals in the bottom sub insure pressure integrity
      – Unrestricted through bore
      – Replaceable slips
      – Optional hardfacing wear band on the Top Sub to prevent wearing
      – Optional dimple for safety backup

    • Dual circulation subs

      dual_circOn loss of circulation, a ball can be dropped to open the flow port to assist in hole cleaning. In the event your lower BHA is plugged, a rupture disc can be activated to regain circulation.

      Advantages and Unique Features:

      – Ball drop and rupture disc options
      – Simple design and activation
      – Large flow area to annulus when activated
      – Assists hole cleaning
      – Variety of burst pressures to suit all applications
      – Field redressable

    • Flapper valves

      dual_flapperIncrease your factor of safety by preventing well fluids from returning up your coil tubing. Double or quad flappers, housed within a sub, provide a uni-directional check valve and positive seal, allowing fluid to be pumped down the coil tubing but not up.

      Advantages and Unique Features:

      – Large thru bore
      – Field redressable
      – Two or four valve system for increased reliability

    • Hydraulic disconnects

      disconnect 1 (Large)Our disconnect allows the upper BHA to be detached from a stuck component.

      Advantages and Unique Features:

      – Ball drop for disconnecting the upper BHA
      – Redundant shear rings prevent premature disconnect due to jarring
      – Integrated rupture disc available if lower BHA is plugged
      – Variable disconnect pressures
      – Standard internal GS fishing profile
      – Transmits high torque loads
      – Field redressable

    • Motor Head Assembly

      Workover Motor Head AssemblyShorten your overall BHA using our Motor Head Assembly. By combining our dual flapper valve, hydraulic disconnect and dual circulation sub into a single assembly, you’re able to create one compact tool for your BHA.

      Advantages and Unique Features:

      – Ball drop and rupture disc features
      – Redundant shear rings prevent premature disconnect due to jarring
      – Variable disconnect pressures
      – Standard internal GS fishing profile
      – Transmits high torque loads
      – Field redressable

  • Our specialty tools, built on Ashmin-patented technology, can be delivered standard or customized based on your needs.

    • XTENDR

      Our XTENDR extended reach downhole vibratory tool is a friction reduction tool that enhances weight transfer and extends coil reach to achieve TD. The pressure pulsations improve weight transfer in long horizontal wells for faster, more reliable milling.

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      – Extended reach bridge plug milling
      – Coiled tubing drilling
      – Fishing
      – Cleaning


      – Reduces friction
      – Enhances weight transfer
      – Extends coil reach
      – Prevents coil buckling
      – No elastomers
      – Compact length

    • HAMMR Drill Series Motor

      Our HAMMR Drill Series workover motors combine the function of a percussion hammer with the drilling action of a drilling motor.

      Patented technology, our HAMMR Drill Series motors use a mud lubricated cam mechanism powered by the rotor of the motor to accelerate the hammermass. The hammermass strikes the bit box several times per second, delivering an intense percusion force overlayed on the bit or mill. In addition, reactive percussion forces cause the motor housing and drill string to vibrate, reducing friction between the wellbore and drill string or coiled tubing. Designed for long-life, the hammer mass and thrust bearing balls act as wear components and are easily replaced and serviced.


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      – Slim hole directional work / sidetracking
      – Coil tubing drilling
      – Drilling cement
      – Scale removal
      – Milling packers, plugs, retainers, etc.


      – Increases energy at the bit for an estimated 20% to 100% increase in ROP depending on formation type
      – Protects against motor stalling and friction
      – Reduces non-productive time (not necessary to trip since it would continue to operates as a standard motor in the event of accelerated HAMMR wear)
      – Activates only when resistance at the bit/mill is encountered
      – Requires less specific energy to drill
      – Adjustable impact force
      – Replaceable wear components

    • Single IMPACTR

      Our Single IMPACTR removes the need for a power section in your motor! Built for cleaning-out, deepening and bridge plug removal work, the Single IMPACTR is designed to run on air, nitrogen or any water and oil based mud.

      Advantages and Unique Features:

      – No elastomers (can be used in harsh environments)
      – Shortest tool in the industry
      – Compatible with all drilling fluids
      – High impact loading
      – Option to rotate

    • Dual IMPACTR

      Our Dual IMPACTR does double duty, serving as a Single IMPACTR and/or a Fishing Jar as desired, delivering downward impact in compression and vibration while in tension.

      Advantages and Unique Features:

      – No elastomers (can be used in harsh environments)
      – Only requires one cycle for jarring and vibration
      – Compatible with all drilling fluids
      – High impact loading
      – Impact and frequency adjustable from surface