From beginning to end, we can help you develop, analyze, design, draft, manufacture, test and sustain custom, top-tier downhole drilling and workover tools that help you succeed. We have over a decade of experience engineering the finest tools for the toughest environments, with over 75 patents and partnerships with the biggest oilfied players.

  • We commit roughly 60% of our resources to R&D. For our customers this means opportunities to:
    – Obtain exclusivity, IP rights and/or first-to-market opportunities on Ashmin-engineered products
    – Leverage our experience to develop your ideas faster and with an unbiased perspective
    – Design, manufacture, test and commercialize through one partner

  • Often the toughest challenge is understanding Why. So how do we figure out Why?
    – A history of successful troubleshooting in the field, all over the world
    – In-house FEA and proprietary analysis techniques developed over decades
    – Ability to rapidly disassemble, inspect, test, rework and reassemble tools in-house at the Ashmin Technology Center

  • Designing a tool for commercial production takes experience. Our experience includes:
    – Designing to the latest industry guidelines and standards
    – Investing in industry-leading software and training, e.g. Autodesk Inventor and Simulation Mechanical (FEA), Pro-E, Adept and SolidWorks
    – Collaborating with preferred vendors to reduce manufacturing time and cost
    – Developing Manufacturing Plans and Operations, Repair and Maintenance manuals
    – Product life-cycle cost estimating
    – Hands-on testing, rework, redesign, servicing and sustaining by the engineers that designed it

  • Figured it out and need digital machine drawings and/or models? Offload and leverage our experience:
    – Modeling and drafting components, motor assemblies and subsea running strings with up to 60 components
    – Reviewing and revising manufacturing drawings for machinability
    – Overseeing manufacturing to minimize non-conformance

  • Whether your first or hundredth run, we’re there to support you. Our sustaining services represent our long-term commitment by:
    – Providing 24-hour support
    – Developing new sizes for existing tools
    – Modifying existing tools to work with new ones
    – Engineering costs down to improve long-term value