Repair & Maintenance

Our 6,500 sq-ft facility in New Waverly, Texas offers a comprehensive space for repair and maintenance. Co-located with our preferred vendors, we offer manufacturing and rework on-site with the flexibility and services to support any job. We can work alongside your team or independantly, at our shop or yours, to ensure your fleet runs smoothly and gets the job done.


  • Our fully equipped service center and competent staff have the ability to service all tool types up to 9-1/2” O.D. of any length for use in land, shelf and deep-water applications.

    Services include:

    – Development of training manuals for assembly and disassembly of your tools
    – Customized service records to capture life cycle history of components for reliability engineering
    – Coordination of on-site, supervised inspections of components for quality conscience customers using 3rd party quality personnel

  • Experience managing our own inventory for over a decade allows us to support our customers with theirs. Whether you need help storing your assets at our site or support at your site, we can help you document, track, maintain and safely store your tools.

    Services include:

    – Management and tracking of tools
    – Setup and maintenance of certified, calibrated equipment
    – Training and application of Lean and Six Sigma principals
    – Complying with in-house and customer QAQC standards
    – Review of real-world wear rates and development of wear criteria

  • In a down market our customers work their tools longer and harder. In such conditions, proper refurbishment and troubleshooting is critical for ensuring performance on the next job. Let our engineering, manufacturing and operations experience help extend the life of your tools.

    Services include:

    – Troubleshooting
    – Development of wear criteria
    – Inspection
    – Recoating
    – Hardfacing
    – Threading
    – Welding
    – Blasting

We also offer the following additional services:


We can provide hands-on training and certification for your R&M personnel on either your tools or ours. Your business is too important to overlook the value of well-trained service personnel.


Compliance with industry standards such as API and ISO has never been more critical to the long term success of your business. We can help you understand how your existing tools and personnel stack up and track long-term compliance.