Simulate pressures, temperatures, speeds and wear rates, all at a single facility with the support of our full-service shop. Let us design, manufacture and operate custom test fixtures or use one of our existing fixtures shown below.

  • Our Test Rig physically simulates the downhole Weight-on-Bit (WOB) conditions using a Nitrogren charged coil tubing system. It can be operated in the horizontal or vertical position and uses integrated sensors with a Digital Acquisition System to measure pressure, flow rate, position, impact, load, etc. Operational specifications include:

    – Up to 120 GPM and 1,200 psi
    – Max WOB of 10,000 lbsf
    – 1-11/16” to 3-3/4” size tools
    – Capable of drilling vertically or horizontally in any media
    – Test motors, CT tools, hammers, and vibrating, setting, and fishing tools

    DSC_0193 (Large)

  • Our Radial Bearing Tester simulates downhole conditions at up to 105 RPM with a 1,600 lbs controlled side loading force. Since 2010 we’ve tested 120+ unique bearing materials to select the optimal combination of binder materials and tiles. Let us test your bearings to understand and optimize wear performance.

    Header_Testing DSC_9528 (Large) DSC_9552 (Large)

    PDFicon Learn more about our Ashmin Radial Bearings

  • Determine the fatigue of downhole tools and tubing while rotating in the curve.

    – Standard 3-pt bend or ISO 4-pt bend
    – Variable 1 to 30 rpm
    – Simulates Build Up Rates with radiuses down to 27’ (210˚/100’)
    – Up to 7” diameter test articles

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